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Iceland is The Ideal Retirement Vacay

Retirement Time

One of the many perks to reaching retirement age is that you no longer have to wait all year long for your annual vacation before returning to work one week later. This freed up time allows you the ability to take as many extended vacations as you’d like. This is the perfect time to embark on that dream vacation you’ve always wanted like Northern Lights in Iceland.

Northern Lights

Of course you will want to consider your retirement budget before planning various costly vacations however, hopefully you’ve already thought ahead and set up insurances like long-term care insurance to help cover any additional costs of aging. If so you likely have the time and funds to travel! Iceland and its mysterious northern lights are at the top of the list for many and Iceland itself has been rated a top retirement destination many times.

What better time to visit Iceland than after you’ve successfully retired. Be sure to stay at Hotel Ranga and also visit the Blue Lagoon while you’re there.

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